Stay in some of the small luxury hotels UK

Choosing any of the small luxury hotels UK will be the detail to seal with gold a few days of vacation as I had never enjoyed when visiting any other European destination. This territory has much to offer due to its favorable geographical location. Remember that this is an island country with a large number of both natural and artificial environments.

It has beautiful green landscapes, a coastline of cliffs and beaches of untamed beauty. Likewise, it has a climate of fog that makes you travel to worlds of fantasy and mystery typical of the most mythical tales. In this sense, United Kingdom allows a trip to the past through its history that is based on its medieval past full of legends, the British Empire with overseas territories, being cradle of the industrial revolution and an icon that marks tendencies in the style of life, they turn to this destination propitious to go on vacations

Those who visit this geography will be able to get acquainted with a society marked by a very own culture and tradition, which still keeps very unique customs for which it is recognized worldwide such as tea time at 5 pm, driving cars on the right side very different from the rest of the world and who internationalized the term “Knight” in a universal way.


There is no doubt that, everything related to their habits will be known by whoever travels there, visiting the English capital first. London, one of the main cities in Europe and the world, will allow any traveler to feel completely at ease, responding to their needs in a unique way.

Here you will find splendid theatrical productions, abundant museums, an urban atmosphere filled with lush green areas and parks, not to mention the wide range of possibilities they have in stores and restaurants.

And for those who like to know about the life of kings and queens, it is evident that a walk to the House of Windsor, current monarchs of England, cannot be left out of this visit to the United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the English royalty but belonging to the nation can be visited only during the summer months (July 30 – September 25) when the royal family is on vacation. Entering the rooms open to the public, and the gardens has a cost that is well worth paying.


Visiting the Scottish capital is another place a traveler who has chosen this destination cannot fail to wander. It has an extraordinary historical and cultural center as well as a lively nightlife.


The Cornish peninsula is a county of great importance among the Celtic Nations along with Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Britain and the Isle of Man. It is characterized by maintaining deep-rooted customs and traditions that are not found in other latitudes of England, such as its language.


This coast has a natural beauty and a unique antiquity immortalized in historical monuments and places of interest such as
Buckfast Abbey
The Jurassic Coast, World Heritage Site
Dartmoor National Park

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