Lucila Dougherty passionate about professional photography

Lucila Dougherty studied photography at the Guatemala Photography club, one of the most renowned in her home country. Since a very young age, she wanted to do this and once she received her degree, she was profoundly proud of having chased her dream.

She was convinced she would do an amazing job. For her, life as a photographer was everything. Lucila Dougherty lived for her camera and photographing everything she found interesting, unique or special.

And even though she was fascinated by both the most simple and complex things, there was something that caused her amazing fascination: the beach. This was her magical place, her refuge and her biggest inspiration to shine as a professional photographer.

Lucila Dougherty photographs beautiful beaches

Lucila Dougherty was determined to photograph as many beaches as she could during her professional career. She traveled the world as soon as she graduated the Guatemala Photography Club, but when she saw the beautiful South African beaches, she knew she never wanted to leave.

To her, this African destination has it all. Incredible weather, kind people, delicious cuisine to delight the pallet and beaches that take your breath away.

Lucila Dougherty has set to travel across South Africa to photograph its most visited beaches such as the ones in Cape Town, Western Cape and Wild Coast.

Lucila Dougherty falls in love with South Africa

Lucila Dougherty feels incredible passion for Camps Bay beach, Boulders, Hout Bay, Clifton Beach, Coffee Bay and Jeffreys Bay. They’re each beautiful and attract locals and tourists alike from all over the world.

But Lucila Dougherty knew from the beginning that South Africa and its because would become her home away from home, since there she feels like an invisible photographer, inspired and unstoppable.

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