Boho chic fashion: standing out in the crowd

Boho chic is a fashion style based on certain bohemian and hippie inspiration, which has been strongly associated with actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss in the Great Britain. It has existed, in its most recent way, since the early 1990s and, even though it appears to lower temporarily, has recurrently reemerged in changing appearances.

The bohemian style is a superlative trend of fashion. Relaxed, original, comfortable, romantic and with a slightly hippie influence, this attire has undoubtedly given what to talk about. To achieve this attractive appearance, pay attention to these golden rules:

  • You cannot miss loose clothing: this wardrobe is characterized by exotic fabrics and diverse colors. The pieces should be free with flowing lines. Extra fixtures contributing to a nice touch of color are welcomed.
  • You have to use head accessories: wavy and not straight hair and wind are the preferred hairstyle. Add ribbons, headbands or ponytails to highlight the look. A hat is the perfect fitting to improve your presence.
  • Avoid heels: the main characteristics of this style are being comfortable and simple. Put away the high-heeled shoes and adopt cozy sandals with straps or booties, an excellent complement.
  • Say yes to lace: this is a great choice for the boho chic fashion. Choose a white or cream lace dress, mix it with a sweet collar and a hat and you will success in any reunion.
  • You may incorporate fringes: in bags, jackets or cardigans, they are the remarkable hint of a trendy and fabulous guise. You can also wear them with skirts, dresses or jeans.

To finish a good bohemian look, use a necklace. You must not miss a colorful model, a feather or a small one but they will always balance your outfits giving a modern touch to your garments. Following these advices you will call everybody’s attention on the moment you go out.

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